About Me

I’m a writer, communication addict and swim fanatic. Originally from Concord, Massachusetts, I live in Thun, Switzerland, where I own Adler Way, my one-man communication consultancy. I help managers at all levels improve their communication. I’ve worked with more than seven thousand senior managers, and given hundreds of communication workshops. I also have a coaching practice. I’ve written management books, case studies and articles. I graduated with a BA from Harvard University. I have a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, a Master of Business Administration ABD, and a Doctorate in Strategic Communication, with a focus on Managerial Storytelling. I love writing and reading fiction and communication books, international food, smartphone photography and, once in a while, binging Netflix. Early mornings, you’ll find me in the local pool, perfecting my butterfly technique with other master’s swimmers. I’m an avid autobiography fan. My first novel, “Here. I. Am.” is roughly based on my father’s tumultuous experiences as a teenager in 1938 New York, Long Island and boarding school in Connecticut.